Commercial Real Estate Loan & Property Types

Property Types:
Anchored and Unanchored Shopping Centers
Animal Clinics
Assisted Living Facilities
Bed and Breakfast 
Car Dealerships
Car Wash
Cold Storage
Country Clubs
Day Care Centers
Distressed Hospitality 
Energy, Ethanol Plants
Factory Outlets 
Franchise Restaurants
Golf Courses
Grocery Stores 
Hair Salons
Heavy Industrial/Manufacturing Facility
Ice Rinks
Laundry Mat
Oil Field Companies
Medical Office
Mixed Use  
Mobile Home Parks
Movie Theatres
Multi-Unit Retail Strip/Shopping Centers
Properties in Probate/Trust
Regional Malls
Retail/Office with Residential Above
RV Parks 
S.F.R. Converted to Commercial Use 
Selective - Auto Repair & Gas Stations
Self Storage
Senior Housing

Recommended Commercial Real Estate Professionals  
CRE Professionals

Loan Types:
Acquisition Loans
Acquisition & Development Loans
Apartment Building Financing
Apartment Loans
Assisted Living Loans
Auto Repair Shop Loans
Blanket Loans
Business Loans
Cash-Out Refinance
Church Funding
Commercial Construction Loans
Commercial Land Loans
Commercial Loans 
Commercial Lot/Land Loan
Commercial Mortgages
Commercial Private Money
Commercial Property Loan
Commercial Purchase
Commercial Refinance
Commercial Refinancing 
Commercial Rehab Loans
Commercial Stated Income Loans
Construction Loans
Corporate Finance
Debt & Equity Financing
Debtor in Possession (DIP) Funding
Distressed Debt Funding
Equity Funding
Farms, Ranches & Ag. Loans
Finish Construction of Multifamily
Gas Stations, Car Wash Loans
Hard Money Loans
Healthcare Facility Loans
Hotel & Motel Loans
Industrial Loans
Investment Property Acquisitions
Investor Line of Credit
Joint Venture
Land & Construction Loans
Land Acquisition and Development
Land Acquisition Loans
Land Development Lending
Land for Mixed-Use or Master-Planned Community Development
Land Loans
Land Purchase/Cash Out Refinancing
Loan Portfolio Funding
Loans secured by Pools of Cross-Collateralized and Cross-Defaulted Multi-Family Loans
Lot Loans
Mergers & Acquisitions
Mixed Use Property Loans
Mobile Home Park Loans
Multi-Family 2-4 Unit Construction Loan
Multi-Family Construction Loans
Multifamily Financing
Office Building Loans
Office Park Funding
Oil Field Funding
Owner Occupied Bus. Loans
Portfolio Funding
Private Money Loans
Purchasing Land & Improvements
Purchasing/ Refinancing Tracts of Land
Rehabilitation of Multi-Family Properties
Renewable Energy Finance
Rental Funding
Residential Rehab Loans
Residential Subdivision Loans
Residential Tract Loans
Restaurant Loans
Retail/Strip Center Loans
Senior Housing Loans
Student Housing Loans
Vacant Land Loans
Warehouse/Manufacturing Loans 
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