There are two normally two loans required to finance a real estate development project, although sometimes these two loans will also be combined into one:
Short Term Financing:
This stage of financing funds the construction and lease up phase of the project.
Long Term Permanent Financing:
After a project achieves “stabilization” and leases up to the market level of occupancy, the construction loan is “taken out” by longer term financing.
When these two loans are combined into one it’s usually in the form of a construction and  mini-perm loan. The mini-perm is financing that takes out the construction loan, but is shorter in duration than traditional permanent financing. The purpose of the mini-perm is to pay off the construction loan and provide the project with an operating history prior to refinancing in the perm market.
Construction / Development Financing for Commercial Real Estate:
Apartment Development
Builder Construction Lending
Builder Lending Program
Commercial Lot/Land Loan
Commercial Rehab 
Construction with Takeout Package 
Finish Construction & Rehab on Multifamily
Floating/Fixed Rate Construction Loans
Forward Commitments
Healthcare Facility Construction
Industrial Park Construction
Interim / Construction Financing
Joint Venture Development
Land Acquisition and Development
Medical Related Construction  
Multifamily Construction Lending
Office and Office Park Construction
Purchase or Refinance a Commercial Lot Loan
Retail Construction  

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