About Us
Our Experience:
We have been in the mortgage business since 1985 in many aspects of industry, (residential & commercial) including loan originations, servicing, default, as well as loan wok-outs, and unlike others, that are in it for monetary reasons, we are not. Some brokers charge up to five points to get funding. That just does not set well with us.
We work for you without charging “an arm & a leg” doing so. We believe that is just good business and work toward new business as well as off a base of referrals from current satisfied customers for new clients.

What Others Might Do: 
Some, but not all brokers "shotgun" loan-request packages to a multitude of lenders, hoping to find an elusive funding source for deals that were previously rejected.

How We Work:
We work with one investor or lender at a time, and allow a reasonable amount of time for acceptance. (Usually 24 to 48 hours for Investor Loans & usually 3 to 5 days for Commercial Loans). Lenders and Investors appreciate it that way and tend to be more apt to look at our deals, and have a more favorable approach, if they know they have not been shot-gunned out to multiply investors. One very important reason is that they are not all portfolio lenders/investors, and some sell assets on the secondary market. Thus a file that is being shot-gunned out may not be as attractive to invest in as one that is not made its way around the world in 90 days.   
We do not charge you a large fee for what we do and others may charge a application fee and require a large deposit, and that is even before there is a commitment from and Lender/Investor. 
We, on the other hand do not charge you an application fee along with other ridiculous fees involved with loan submission and funding. We only work with Lenders/Investors that do not charge upfront fees and look at the investment as a whole and not just a means of collecting undue fees and causing more undue stress and hardship for the borrower.
We do, however get a referral fee from the Lender/Investor for providing a submission to them and introducing them to the borrower. Most of our lenders/Investors participate in this arrangement, but a few do not. In those cases, we then ask for a small success fee from the borrower. This works well for the Lender/Investor, as they do not have to pay a loan officer, along with the benefits that an employee expects from an employer, thus reducing their cost-of-doing-business considerably. As a result of this, they are able to pay us a referral fee for the introduction, which is much less than they would pay a loan officer and advertising to get business in the door. This works well for you in that you will be working directly with the Lender/Investor, along with our assistance to get the loan funded, thus reducing your cost as well.
Please Note:
The Lender/Investor will have due diligence fees that will pay the costs of an appraisal, property inspections, etc, which will all be explained in their letter of interest (LOI).

The same results, with less expense to you.
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We hope this has been helpful, and hope that you can appreciate where we are coming from. If it makes sense to you, then please fill out the information on our Loan Submission Form located on each Loan Presentation page, or for general questions, please go to our
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